Soil & Plant Technology helps growers make their soil healthy so they can produce naturally stronger plants with less use of fertilizers, pesticides and water.

Growers and farmers use our innovative technology to naturally condition soil for stronger plants and higher yields.

Growers and Farmers

We know that soil is the foundation of our lives. Our Healthy Soil Program gives you service and innovative technology that supports your soils natural ability to grow the best products possible, while limiting stress factors that hurt yields and give you sleepless nights.

Maintain a pristine golf course landscape while reducing water and chemical usage.

Golf Course Superintendents
and Turf Managers

At Soil & Plant Technology, we understand your pressure to maintain a pristine landscape in an ever-changing environment. We work with you to make your soil work for you, without the need for as much water, or costly, and harmful chemicals. We help you create a more natural, healthy landscape for your patrons and workers while saving you money.

Soil health products that that will limit your dependency on expensive and harmful chemicals.


We offer products that restore soil to its naturally healthy state. Products that use technology that will limit your dependency on expensive and harmful chemicals. Our agronomists and product specialists are passionate about helping you achieve balanced and sustainable soil. We like to say that we can help “regenerate your soil to a condition much like your great— great grandparents once enjoyed!”

Latest information on soil technology to help you grow stronger plants and greater crop yields.


Information is the key to understanding how new technologies that provide revolutionary changes in growing plants in soil can affect you and your bottom line. Our blog provides a source for up-to-date information; news, ideas and solutions that help you make decisions. Check in often, sign up on our news feed, and leave comments. Being a part of the conversation helps us all learn and grow.

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