Healthy Soils Program

Healthy Soils Program, a better soil environment with reduced need for fertilizer, pesticide, and water.

Healthy Soils Program

We employ natural technologies and products that provide soil and plant health. We help you achieve a better soil environment with reduced need for fertilizer, pesticide, and water. Our team works with you to make your soil healthy for higher quality plants and more productive harvests.

We utilize cost-effective technology like Quick-Sol, a U.S. patented soil amendment that has presented good results for growers of many crops types around the world. Quick-Sol has unique properties that reduce tillage and chemical input costs while creating a healthy soil environment that supports microbial action.

When mixed with clean water, Quick-Sol generates an ionic reaction. This reaction creates an electrical charge, not all-together different from the energy released by a single-cell battery. This current moves through the soil, greatly reducing soil compaction. Less compaction means more microscopic passageways in the soil, allowing seeds to germinate more uniformly, and root systems to develop more fully.

These microscopic passageways also give space for more air, water and nutrients to flow efficiently through an expanded root system. In addition, the by-product of this reaction creates and delivers more plant available nutrition and water to the plant. The end result is a naturally healthier, more stress-tolerant plant. Stronger plants insure better quality and yield.

Stronger Plants

The unique long-chain polymer makeup of Quick-Sol changes the molecular structure of many soils, especially clay-based soils, while enhancing the cellular structure of plants by providing the most plant-available source of silicon (in the form of silicic acid) of any product currently on the market. The uptake of silicon builds stronger plants that are naturally resistant to insect damage, fungi, mold, and other plant pathogens.

Quick-Sol helps plants handle environment stresses that affect plant quality and production, providing added security against dramatic fluctuating weather patterns that can destroy plant quality and yields.

Our Healthy Soils Program delivers high-quality naturally occurring, environmentally and human-friendly products. Our cost effective program of products and no-cost soil compaction, moisture and nutrient uptake testing techniques gives growers additional tools to produce stronger plants in healthier soils.

Better Yields

For more information call us or email us. Our Agronomists and trained professional team will schedule a no-cost consultation with test applications and soil and plant testing.  We put our time and reputation to work to demonstrate real benefits on your soil before you make a financial commitment.

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