Our Company

 Soil & Plant Technology provides natural innovative technology to improve soils.

Our team at Soil & Plant Technology delivers soil amendment products and support services to businesses that grow plants in soil. We help growers make better management decisions regarding use of costly crop and plant production inputs. We apply natural innovative technology to improve soils. With our Healthy Soils Program we grow stronger, disease tolerant plants, with less water and reduced fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides.

We make use of technology like, Quick-Sol, a silicon-based soil amendment proven to help growers globally for more than a dozen years. We are passionate about bringing you naturally occurring products like Quick-Sol that help reduce your dependency on synthetic crop protection products and genetically modified seed (GMO’s). We work with you to help you bring health back to your soils, so you will grow stronger plants and a successful business.

Developing Healthy Soil & Stronger Plants

Healthy soil is the foundation for growing vibrant, naturally stronger plants. We use proven scientific methods to measure soil moisture, compaction, and a plant’s ability to produce life-sustaining chlorophyll. Our goal is to help growers better understand their specific soils, with the objective of producing top-quality plants that need less chemicals and water resources.

At Soil & Plant Technology, we strive to maintain and enhance soil—the world’s most valuable resource—as we give growers, farmers and plant professionals the confidence to make use of the latest technology, products, and up-to-date data.

Our Vision

Soil & Plant Technology helps growers make their soil healthy so they can produce naturally stronger plants with less use of fertilizers, pesticides and water.

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