Bryan Foster- On Quick-Sol and Soil Health, Foster Farms
Columbia, North Carolina
December, 2015

Mel Ray- Tobacco Grower, Ray Farming
Whiteville, North Carolina
December, 2015

Wayne Nixon- Agronomist, Severn Peanut Company
Severn Peanut Company and Meherrin Ag Field Day
October 15, 2015
Video Transcript

“These peanuts here with Quick-Sol had applications at 70 days, about 100 days, and 120 days. Three times with ten ounces each. Last year we saw a 1400 pound yield increase by doing this particular practice and we are going to continue to research it. But, Quick-Sol makes more peanuts, bottom line. Quick-Sol will help the peanut go through more stress. So, if it is dry, a Quick-Sol plant will continue to fill the nut, whereas, one that doesn’t have Quick-Sol, the actual peanut will pull back from the hull and make a smaller peanut. Quick-Sol will make a bigger peanut because of its dry enabling characteristics. So that’s one thing I really like about it and I have seen it in the field, it tends to make a little higher grade because of that, and we get more weight, of course. So, it is a good friend of the peanut industry.”

Hagler Farms, North Carolina

I have been using Quick-Sol for 3 years now. We used it on wheat, corn and some of our soybeans last year and we were pleased with the results so much so this year I used Quick-Sol on all our crops and acres. Even with all the flooding we had this year our corn yield averages were good. We are usually finished with our wheat harvest in June. It was August before I could finish up our wheat. I was surprised with the wheat quality and yields I still had. Next year we will be using Quick-Sol on all our crops again!

Bryan Hagler 2013

Oakhurst Golf Club

We started applying Quick-Sol in September on a 2 week interval. The first of October we went from .130 to .150 with the height and put out a heavy application of fertilizer to help build a strong canopy to go in to the winter. I expected to start getting complaints about the speed of the greens. With that being said I have had only good comments about the speed and roll out of the greens. The ball seems to have an extra roll out at the end. That is something I have not noticed in the past with these conditions. I can only contribute it to the Quick-Sol product.

Scott Pickering,
Course Superintendent Porter, Texas

Pardue Farms & Sons Farms

I applied Quick-Sol on all of my crops. The root system and stalk on my barley was visibly different, a lot more tolerant to weather I was impressed. We grow a lot of cattle and we cut the barley for silage to feed them. We exceeded our daily weight gain average by 51%, these cows looked beautiful and were slick and smooth. We will continue to use Quick-Sol on everything we grow.

Andy Pardue 2013

Whitesell Farms, North Carolina

I have used Quick-Sol for 2 years. I have seen a big improvement in the health of my greenhouse tobacco plants and a poundage increase in my tobacco harvest. I would definitely recommend Quick-Sol to other growers!

Ricky Whitesell 2013

”Last year I planted a field of tobacco and it grew too big. The plants were 5 to 6 feet tall with the tip leaves reaching the ground. Anyone that knows about the rank and green tobacco knows that this filed would have never matured or cured in the barns. I bought Quick-Sol and applied it to this field. We sprayed 20 oz/acre and waited 24 days and sprayed another application of 17 oz/acre. I could not believe how well the tobacco responded and matured. Quick-Sol made me a lot of money on this field. This year I planted burley tobacco in a field that had not had tobacco in it for years. I have never seen burley tobacco grow that tall. It was 7 feet high. I applied Quick-Sol three times. The weight and leaves were beautiful!”

Adam Vanhoy

Randy Lewis Farms

“I’ve always been a huge skeptic when it comes to products that are a little outside of the box but the people at Quick-Sol convinced me to try their product and I’m not sorry I did. I tested Quick-Sol on cotton under a pivot and also on some land with drip irrigation. On average, the Quick-Sol ground made 160 more lint pounds per acre and more importantly made me $98.00 per acre after product and application costs. I will continue to use QuickSol in my cotton operation.”

Randy Lewis,
Cotton Producer Post, Texas

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